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CQI Certificate in Quality Management

Level 3


The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) is officially recognised as the awarding body for qualifications in Quality Assurance and Quality Management.

The CQI Certificate in Quality Management Level 3 qualification provides a good foundation and introductory qualification for new and potential quality professionals. It provides the underpinning knowledge needed for qualify professionals and provides the necessary basis for the CQI Diploma in Quality Management.

From 1st January 2017 onwards, QM&T will not be able to enrol students on the CQI Certificate in Quality Management - Level 3, due to the recent launch of the CQI's new portfolio of CQI and IRCA Certified Training which is a portfolio of short courses covering a range of quality and auditing topics.

If you are currently a QM&T student and studying for the CQI Certificate in Quality Management, level 3 qualification, please continue with your studies and register for assessments as usual.

For more information, see the CQI’s Information sheet for students.

CQI Student Information Sheet

CQI Learner Guide

CQI Policies and Procedures

CQI Malpractice Policy



The CQI Certificate in Quality Management - level 3 course is delivered as a distance learning course and consists of the following 5 units (U301, U302, U303, U304, U305).  Please see below the course units contents and syllabus.

U301 People in quality Level 3 Assignment
U302 Management system models Level 3 Exam
U303 Monitoring and measuring for quality Level 3 Exam
U304 Quality management Level 3 Assignment
U305 Using quality to improve business performance Level 3 Exam

The above 5 Units must be completed within a 2 year time frame to achieve the Level 3 CQI Certificate in Quality Management qualification. 

The qualification provides an understanding of what quality management means in an organisational context and the component parts of the quality management process.

Potential job roles include: Quality Technician, Customer Service Team Leader, Operations Team Leader, Engineering Technician.

Exams and Assignments are assessed twice a year (January and June of each year). 

For information on how you can use these units in other CQI qualifications, download the See CQI Qualifications and Unit Matrix.




The study packs are stand alone private tuition packages for each Certificate Unit, which allows the delegate to work at their own pace through the preset training material.


The study packs include:

  • Coursebooks for each Unit - containing tutorial notes and information
  • Workbooks for each Unit - containing exam style questions and answers
  • Text Book
  • Statistical tables
  • Assignment briefs and guidance notes for the Units which are assessed by assignment
  • Past exam papers for the Units which are assessed by exam
  • Tutorial support is provided by telephone, fax, e-mail or written correspondence as required. See QM&T Team
  • QM&T Newsletter with all the very latest QA news. Keeping you right up to date and informed on what is happening in the Quality Assurance field.




Contact QM&T by sending an enquiry email to help@qmt.co.uk




Units 301, 302, 303, 304 and 305:

cqi certificate coursebook - unit 301  cqi certificate coursebook - unit 302  cqi certificate coursebook - unit 303

       U301 coursebook               U302 coursebook                  U303 coursebook


cqi certificate coursebook - unit 304  cqi certificate coursebook - unit 305  

      U304 coursebook               U305 coursebook                 



Units 301, U302, U303, U304 and U305:

cqi certificate workbook - unit 301  cqi certificate workbook - unit 302  cqi certificate workbook - unit 503

        U301 workbook                 U302 workbook                    U303 workbook


cqi certificate workbook - unit 304  cqi certificate workbook - unit 305  

     U304 workbook                    U305 workbook