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Audit Training


Audit training course can provide individuals with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of auditing techniques to meet system requirements (ISO 9001) for assessing suppliers, internal system review, evaluation and improvements.  

Audit training covers all the requirements of ISO 19011 Auditing Quality Systems.  Probably the best method of "getting up to speed" with the ISO 9001 standard. 

Modern Quality Assurance Management philosophy is based on the maxim ‘look after the system and the system will look after the product'. System Review and Evaluation is the means by which we look after the system. Many current material control techniques e.g. ‘Just in Time' and purchasing policies depend upon the quality of the supplies. Assessment and evaluation of suppliers is an essential part of many control systems.

The distance learning package contains:

  • Coursebook with tutorial notes
  • Workbook with self assessment exercises
  • A set of Auditor ISO 9001 checklist
  • Email support throughout the course
  • Assessment of final audit report
  • Receive a certificate on completion


Internal Auditor Training is also offered as an on-line training course.  Please see the short QA courses under the e-learning tab from the top menu bar.


Business Benefits:

Audits are necessary to ensure that they are cost effective.  Course delegates will be able to as a consequence of this distance learning course:

  • Be aware of the aims, objectives and benefits of Auditor Training.
  • Be confident in interpreting the ISO 9001 standard
  • Be aware of Auditor techniques including; Adequacy, Procedural, Process, System, Project, Supplier, Documentation, Improvement Auditing, etc. 
  • Apply to most industrial areas e.g. Manufacturing, Service, Software, Projects, etc.
  • Identify the most appropriate Auditing techniques to employ. 
  • Understand the role of Quality Assurance in controlling projects.
  • Be capable of Quality Assuring Projects. 
  • Coherently answer questions regarding Auditor Training.
  • Be a QM&T validated and certificated Quality Auditor.